Build a Home Gym in Under $100

Are you short on time or money? Just not feeling the gym scene?  No worries! You can build a home gym with only 6 pieces of equipment for under $100. Check out what I have in my basement…

1.Dumbbells ($50-70) – Probably the most costly investment, but they’ll last forever and are a staple in any home gym. Β I would recommend a set of 5-15lbs to get started. You can find reasonably priced sets at Walmart, Target, and Amazon, or search your local Facebook Marketplace for used ones!

*Splurge* Interchangeable dumbbells ($275) – They are pricey, but I have been using the same set for almost 10 years. Β They save you space and can adjust from 10lb to 50lb+ to allow for more versatility in your workouts.

2. Bands ($11) – Inexpensive yet effective. These are great for toning and can be used to work pretty much any muscle group. I have these ones from Amazon – good quality at the right price!

3. Exercise ball ($15) – Another versatile piece of equipment that should be in any home gym. Β Not only does it add an extra challenge for your core, but can be used to occupy your kid while you get your workout on! πŸ™‚

4. Chair – A great substitute for a bench or step.  Grab that dining room chair and finally get a little use out of it.

*Splurge* Adjustable weight bench ($50-100) – These can range in price but you don’t need anything fancy.  I got mine as a lightening deal on Amazon for around $50. It gives me the ability to do a little more with my workouts at home when I can’t make it to the gym.

5. Mat (<$15) – Not entirely necessary, but nice to have for comfort and grip. If you have 2 hairy beasts as pets like me, this also saves you some sanity from picking dog hair out of your tights for the next 2 days.  You can get a cheap one online or even at your local Five Below.

6. Paper plates – You’d be surprised how much you can do with these, especially on carpet! Β Opt for the sturdier kind so they last a little longer. Throw some extras on the floor and let your kids skate around like little Olympians (obv away from the stairs).

*Splurge* Sliders ($10) – Will probably last longer and are a more eco-friendly option. Β (However, I’m cheap and paper plates have worked perfectly fine!)

There you have it – a home gym in under $100. Β Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean expensive gym memberships or pricey equipment. I only get to the gym (maybe) 2 days a week if I’m lucky, so my little home gym has been my saving grace.

I have been a basement gym dweller for several years now with A LOT of success. You really can get a killer workout in without leaving the comfort of your own home. Feel free to contact me if you’re ready to get started!

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